Email Marketing

Let's bring in some revenue from your emails, rather than using them to share your lifestyle content only! I have experience designing and executing email marketing campaigns for B2B and B2C channels. Average email results: 14.5% average open rate, 4.5% average click rate, and 58% open rate on home page lead generation, and an an average increase of 33% in monthly revenue from emails.

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Ample Protein Welcome Series

Ample Protein was looking to increase subscription rate and revenue of their welcome email series from their e-commerce website. Together we formatted a strategic plan for the series based on analytics, target demographics, and email marketing best practices.


Goldmine Adaptogens Welcome Series

Goldmine Adaptogen powders was looking to do a hard launch of their powders through a #30DaysOfGoldmine Challenge. Together we strategized the different channels users would be arriving to the emails from, and the types of emails they should receive. I wrote content and wire-framed the emails so their designer could implement.

Results to come in February!


Email Marketing Full Designs