/hey ya’ll/

Welcome, welcome. I’m Emily, a twenty-something nomad currently living in northern California despite my southern roots and my Jersey driving.

I live my life as a series of /slashes/. I am so many things (daughter/sister/wife/dog mom/hiker/literary nerd/yogi/writer/...) and have lived so many places (Louisiana/Texas/New Jersey/Switzerland/North Carolina/California ...). I love to do and explore so many hobbies and interests, and being the millennial that I am, I said screw it I don’t need a traditional job; I’ll do them all.

Working with wellness/food/beverage/better-for-you brands is my niche (because everyone says you need to have one, so that’s that). I love to learn; my past jobs and clients have allowed me to nerd out on things like, kombucha/eating insects/women’s fertility/a boat load of other cool topics.

What I do depends on what each client needs - brand strategy/copywriting/email marketing/e-commerce optimization/photography/you get the picture here…the list goes on.


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