An Exercise to Discover Your Customers Values and Find Your Next Partner


Knowing your customer on an deep level has so many benefits. Picking the perfect partners for your marketing efforts is one of them. If you haven’t thought too much about your customer on an emotional level or need to up your partnership game, this post I wrote for Parsnip is for you.

Find Your Next Partner With This Creative Exercise About Your Customers’ Values

Why Do I Need A Brand Strategy?

If you are a business owner you have no doubt heard the phrase ‘brand strategy’ tossed around as if everyone knows exactly what it means, but do most really? What is this mystery phrase? A general idea, a document, an Instagram feed? It is the industry jargon that we all pretend we know about, when in reality many small-to-medium business owners don’t have their brand strategy down solid, and it is wasting them both time and money.

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