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Having worked in brand and marketing strategy allows me to create written content that is executed with brand voice, ethos, and target customer in mind. Knowing what your customer wants to read and what value you can provide them is key!


Case Study: Dunkin’ x Dove Partnership Campaign

Dunkin’ (formerly known as Dunkin’ Donuts) and Dove did a pretty big partnership campaign recently and for those new to marketing partnerships like this, there might be some head scratching as to why a haircare line and a food & beverage chain are collaborating….

Chirps Chips Brand Voice Execution on Facebook

Chirps recently decided on a stronger brand-voice that is sassy without being rude and quippy while also maintaining their persona of being a warrior, a maverick, and an explorer. Below are two examples of how I executed that in their Facebook posts. Click to enlarge.


21 Thoughts I Had While Floating For The First Time

When I started working at SF Salt I was introduced to the idea of floating and thought, no way in the world would I ever get in one of the Matrix-esque tanks that are filled with water and over 800 pounds of Epsom Salt ...

Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at 6.53.21 PM.png

Ample Protein Welcome Email Series Copy

In a recent email marketing project for Ample protein drinks we not only needed to revamp their drip campaign design but also the content. Below is one main content block from an email in that series. Click to enlarge.

5 Unexpected Ways Yoga Nurtures Your Body

We all know yoga helps with flexibility and strength, but there are so many other benefits to keeping a regular practice. Here are just a few of my favorites ...


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