what to expect: brand and marketing strategies

  1. First things first, let’s hop on a call. A no-cost 30-minute discovery call will allow us both to get to know one another, and for you to explain your businesses needs.

  2. Let’s do this thing! Once we decide we are a match made in business heaven, I will send you an Intake Form with a few questions so I can get an idea of where you are at in your brand-strategy thought process.

  3. I will pull together a few things based off of this Intake Form. - An intake form summary document of all responses. - A competitive analysis. - A benchmark document with my findings of where you are currently at on branding and marketing.

  4. Brainstorm meeting! My favorite part of the process, we will set aside an appropriate amount of time for your business, (1.5 hours - 3 hours) to go through a series of brainstorming exercises complete with worksheets and huge sticky notes to extract all those wonderful thoughts you already have on your business (and maybe need a little push to flesh out)!

  5. Now it is your turn to sit back in relax. I will take all of this information and create an evergreen, brand-strategy document for your company. It will cover problem, solution, key differentiators, values, basic customer demographic profiles, and much much more.

  6. Let’s edit this baby! I will send you Version 1 of the document to look over and formulate any thoughts. From this we will hop on a call to go over any edits or concerns and I will get to work on Version 2.0.

  7. From Version 2.0, if you have chosen to do so, we will create a marketing strategy for your business based on where you are at now, and your current needs. This entails another intake form and phone call, another chunky strategy document, and some more edits. In the end, you will end up with a packaged marketing strategy (SWOT, deeper dive into Target Market and Core Buyer Personas, positioning, more competitive analysis, objectives, etc.) that you can take to your team including framework for your tactics and implementation (content, social media, events, suggestions for visual identity, user experience, etc.).

  8. Voila! You are now a full fleshed brand rather than simply a product. You have value that you add to your customer outside your product offering, and you are ready to rock and roll on a killer marketing strategy.